Relaxing, Landscape, Outdoors, Nice Atmosphere at Санаторий “Звенигород” by Vladimir on EyeEm
Walking Around, Landscape, Architecture, Church at Санаторий “Звенигород” by Vladimir on EyeEm
by Vladimir on EyeEm
Наконец добрался до моря….#sea #like #Greece #travel  (в Zante, Laganas)
Nostalgia in colors by holstinus on Flickr.Великолепное фото
Caption please. by dublo67 on Flickr.
Сюдя по всему первоапрельская шутка, но выглядит очень убедительно ;)
#shell (в Shell)
в Храм Христа Спасителя / Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
Утка приносящая радость ;)


when i saw and heard chaoscontrolled123's wonderful post about the 600 years old butt song from hell i just knew that i had to bring the piece to life

i present to you, the butt song from hell, with lyrics, so you can even sing along if you want:

butt song from hell

this is the butt song from hell

we sing from our asses while burning in purgatory

the butt song from hell

the butt song from hell